Research Streams | Curriculum Vita

My research focuses on understanding and utilizing information technologies to enable knowledge work in organizations. Research publications have primarily focused on how organizations store and access corporate knowledge assets (organizational memory) and how the organizations use those assets to improve themselves (organizational learning). More recent publications explore the nature of knowledge, knowledge management as a research discipline, and methods to effectively measure knowledge management success. I have chosen to pursue KM research in part because of my training in the philosophical nature of IS and in part because of my belief that effective knowledge management is crucial to successful business ventures. To paraphrase Carla O'Dell, organizations must know what they know (and what they don't know) to be truly effective.

My approach to knowledge work is also about understanding philosophical principles behind information systems and the infrastructures that allow the knowledge work to be done (communications networks). I have worked on several projects in which knowledge is stored in distributed systems. Papers on virtual teamwork, virtue nets, knowledge networks and distributed health care systems have provided insights into effective ways to store and disseminate knowledge across organizations.